Stand out in crowed spaces!

With thousands of advertisements targeting a single person each day, most organizations waste their money on marketing. With Rainmaker's proven marketing framework, you'll tell better stories and get a higher return on your investment.

Too often, business leaders are talented experts who fall short of their goals in marketing and sales.

What is it costing you not having a simple and effective marketing strategy? It could be any of these problems:


Time is your most precious commodity.


If you confuse a customer you lose a customer.


Lack of clarity leads to poor decisions, inaction or both


“If you’re not growing you’re dying.” Tony Robbins


Random efforts lead to random result a best.


You’re not perceived as an expert or authority.


We understand how it feels to have something of value to offer the world but not have an effective platform to reach your ideal clients.

We know how frustrating it is to have a great product or service and not have a clear compelling message that evokes people to take action.

Rainmaker’s method eliminates the confusion and makes marketing easy for you…

Imagine how you would impact your business if you could…

  • Save time and limit frustration with simple and effective marketing.

  • Capture more opportunities and grow your business with lead generation.

  • Build trust and limit perceived risks of doing business with you.

  • Delight your clients with clear instructions and a simple process.

  • Build your reputation as an educator and expert in your niche.

  • Increase business revenues with repeat clients and referrals.

What would your business look like? How would that make you feel?

Here’s how some of our clients have benefitted from the Rainmaker method

You'll be in some good company!
“Rainmaker Media Group is bringing marketing innovation to Indian Country. During the pandemic we’ve utilized virtual learning events and promotion to get important health and policy information concerning COVID-19 and CARES Act funding to the people. We have experienced an increase in demand for our consulting services due to our marketing efforts with Rainmaker Media Group.”
McCabe CPA & Consulting Group LLC Sean McCabe, CPA, Managing Member
“Rainmaker Media Group helped our company gain exposure during the outset of the Coronavirus pandemic and the passage of the CARES Act. Concerning the funding allocated for Indian Country, we wanted to position ourselves as educators and experts in our field of infrastructure development. Through innovative marketing tactics, Rainmaker Media Group helped us gain recognition for knowledge and experience our team holds.”
Riley Engineering LLC Ronson Chee, Ph.D, P.E., President & CEO
“Rainmaker Media Group has allowed me to focus on the things I am most passionate about which are my family and my consulting clients. It is such a benefit to me to have a team of talented copywriters that can get into the minds of my audience to discover and agitate their pain points until they beg for the remedy. As the founder of several companies and start-ups, I understand the high demand for decent copywriters.”
Armor Up Consulting Jonathan Gerhig, CEO
“We thank Rainmaker Media Group for their media sponsorship and providing public relations support in promoting our annual Construction In Indian Country National Conference. We appreciate the recognition our amazing conference deserves by the local, national, and Native American media outlets.”
Construction In Indian Country Marcus Denetdale, Program Manager

Here is the Plan for Getting Your Business On Track to Success

Just follow these three simple steps


Schedule a RISK-FREE on-hour consultation to understand the problem and prioritize the marketing needs of your business. There is no obligation to pay anything. We want to earn your trust in our knowledge and capabilities.


If we do agree to do business, we will assess the appropriate investment amount to get started. We can get started with an initial investment of just your time and effort. We guarantee results with our method, so we don't mind putting in the work upfront.


Enjoy a newfound level of confidence and comfort that comes with consistently earning returns on your investment. Enjoy focusing your time on what makes your business uniquely valuable in the market. And enjoy more memorable moments with family and friends.

VIDEO: What Is Marketing and Why Do I Need It?