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Rainmaker Media Group LLC is a professional public relations and media services firm, specializing in economic development marketing in Indian County. Rainmaker Media Group LLC provides website content, social media, newsletters, press releases and other services to our enterprise clientele to ensure their content is consistent, engaging and valuable to their customers, prospects and followers.
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In PR + Media “Content Is King”

Educate your Audience through Content Creation

Your Website Is Vital

Your website is the central component to your brand and should not be stagnant. It should be regularly reviewed and updated with current content in the blog/news section that provides valuable information related to your company’s products and/or services.

Your Social Media Content Must Engage

Once your article is posted on your website with high resolution images and/or video, the weblink should be shared on all your company's social media accounts, along with you and your employees personal accounts for greater reach.

A Newsletter Goes A Long Way

Because specific individual(s) who you’d like to see your content, may not follow you or your company's social media accounts, send them content directly in the form of a weekly, monthly or quarterly newsletter.

Published Articles Are More Powerful Than Ads.

Another basic component is the development and dissemination of press releases through our extensive media listserv, leveraging the influence and reach of established media outlets in Indian Country (Indian Country Today, Native Business Magazine, Navajo Times, etc.) and beyond. The process is as follows.

Powerful Press Releases With Purpose

We develop press releases with key messages that meet the editorial standards (Associated Press style) of the established and reputable media outlets from where you and your target audience get regular news and updates.

Targeting Media Outlets That Work

We disseminate press releases to select media outlets from our extensive listserv filtered by the region, demographic and interests of your target audience.

Leveraging A Loyal Readership Is Essential

The readers/followers see the article about your company in their favorite source for local and topical news (more powerful than advertising).

Featured Businesses

Native A+E

Native A+E promotes growth + innovation though stories of planning, design and building native communities. Native communities connected by constant dialogue + exchange of ideas with professionals, business + industry become more vibrant as we invest in our families and relatives.
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Native Startup / Change Labs

Change Labs is a Native-led and Native-controlled 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based on the Navajo and Hopi Nation. We foster the creation of successful Native American small businesses that provide a social benefit to tribal communities.
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