About Rainmaker Media Group LLC

“You can have anything in life that you would like if you would just help enough people get what they want” – Zig Ziglar

At Rainmaker Media Group, we want to revolutionize business in Indian Country.

We are passionate about helping our clients become who they want to be. We understand this is best accomplished by serving others and providing value to their lives. We believe Native Business leaders ought to be growing their business and making an impact in their community.

Most Native American business leaders are experts and have a great product or service that they deliver passionately. But unless they have a team like ours, whose purpose is to find their right message, market, and media, they risk having a stagnant or regressive business.

Rainmaker Media Group understands that plenty of opportunities can be missed because business leaders are unable to effectively demonstrate their expertise. They are unable to build trust with potential customers because they haven’t shown empathy and understanding of their customer’s unique problems.

We understand that business moves at the speed of trust.

A lack of trust means you are unable to influence their buying decisions. All of this could result in your business not reaching its full potential.

Luckily for you, Rainmaker Media Group offers a RISK-FREE evaluation of your marketing and public relations messaging and media.

We offer free consultation and package recommendations to dramatically improve your relationships with potential customers.

We Guarantee Results!

Do you guarantee results for your clients?

All of our marketing packages include in-depth strategic planning to identify your business’s ideal client, compelling messaging, and effective media channels. Once we thoroughly understand these important components, we can build a reliable marketing funnel. This means you can consistently generate leads and convert those leads into sales.

We guarantee you will find tremendous value in having a marketing funnel that is built on understanding your customer’s needs, wants, and desires. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

We know that time is your most precious commodity. Imagine if you had more time to diligently focus on what makes you valuable in the marketplace. Would that positively impact your business?

Imagine having more time to create memorable moments with the people that are most significant in your life. Would that increase the quality of your relationships?

Imagine being a business leader that is known, liked, and trusted. Would you be able to make a greater impact in your community?

Stop wasting time. The time to take massive action is NOW. Sign up for your RISK-FREE consultation RIGHT NOW!

We Provide Direct Response Marketing So You Track Performance Instantly!