How to Ignite Movements Through Education and Storytelling

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How to Ignite Movements Through Education and Storytelling

There is an old sentiment in Indian Country that we should leave our communities to get an education or vocational training so that we can share this knowledge and apply these skills back home.

But as we know, there is not always a job, a contract, or leadership position waiting for us when we return home, eager to help.

Up until recently, those opportunities seemed to be the only way we can share different ideas and influence people and policies in our communities.

Nowadays, thanks to technology, movements can be ignited through effective use of storytelling on digital platforms for social media, podcasting, and online learning.

Many individuals and organizations have done it and are doing it now.

I want to tell you a story about one organization with exceptional leadership and experience that was tailored to serve the tribal communities of North America.

A well-established firm that, for a long time, provided a specific type of service to a specific type of customer, and it did very well, receiving awards and recognition for their contributions.

Still, the business leaders of McCabe CPA Group saw a need and opportunity to add more value and make a greater impact by diversifying its services to complement its accounting and auditing capabilities.

They sought to leverage the experience and expertise of Sean McCabe, CPA, Juan Massey, LLM, and Melvina McCabe, M.D. to provide a more comprehensive approach to economics, government, and health policy.

This was truly an A-team seeking to deliver a strong and clear message strategy to build trust and influence decision-makers in Indian Country to try something different.

The problem was, they were not marketing experts and did not know how to launch and introduce a new suite of services to the world.

Thus, Rainmaker Media Group was hired to guide the team and provide marketing and public relations services to support the launch.

What they learned from Rainmaker was that marketing is about getting your audience to know you, like you, and trust you enough to become a customer or client.

They learned that this is achieved through educating their audience until they begin to perceive the McCabe team as experts and authorities in their market and niche.

They also learned the importance of telling stories in their educational content, to grab and keep an audience’s attention, and deliver their message.

This strategy has worked for McCabe CPA & Consulting Group as they have seen an increase in followers, inbound calls, and business revenue.

We want to be your guide in advancing and developing your organization into an effective and responsive entity with amazing stories of delivering great value to the communities it serves.  

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