The Sad Truth About the Reservation Economic Summit (RES)

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The Sad Truth About the Reservation Economic Summit (RES)

Hello My Fellow,

Are you planning on attending NCAIED’s Reservation Economic Summit this year? If so, congratulation, and kudos to you for investing in your personal and professional development!

As you probably know, attending a business conference is a great way to learn new things and meet new people in your industry.

But the sad truth is, only 20% of registrants will significantly benefit from the value that events like RES have to offer. The other 80% will indulge in the social aspects of the gathering and behave as if they’re on a quasi-vacation.

I admit that I have been quasi-guilty of this myself. I kick myself for having missed opportunities that got picked up by a competitor or faded away. Especially when I think about where my business would be today had I took networking opportunities more seriously.

I now understand that I need to live outside my comfort zone to grow as a business leader. I need to talk to people that are far more successful than myself. I’ve also learned that it’s much easier to venture outside your comfort zone when PREPARED.

Being prepared means researching and meeting your prospects, knowing your talking points, and asking skillful questions. Having these areas covered will give you the confidence to network with more prominent players.

Imagine if everyone committed more preparation and execution at RES; what would we accomplish?

We all solve different problems. There is someone right now that needs you to solve their problem. There is someone that can solve a problem you are experiencing. You have to find them.

I know people are scatter-brained and scuffling to their next meeting or session. That’s why the MATCHMAKING tool is excellent for requesting and setting 20-min appointments with conference attendees. I have been trying to fill my schedule all week.

Here are some benefits to matchmaking

  • See all conference attendees
  • Request meetings with prospects
  • Simple scheduling tool
  • Establish and build rapport

Check it out and send me a meeting request (I’d love to hear all the great things your organization is doing). Then see if there are other business leaders with whom you’d like to connect. Here’s the link: MATCHMAKING.

Don’t be like the 80%! Get 100% value and residual return on your investment!

If you need help, Rainmaker Media Group LLC is offering FREE coaching and consulting for Native American businesses that have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. See the link below for more information.

At Rainmaker Media Group, we share your passion for serving clients. We also share the joy of being rewarded with repeat business and client referrals. This love has developed into a healthy obsession for discovering the world’s most simple and effective marketing strategies to incorporate into our framework.

I hope to see you next week at RES!


Adrian Dotson, Marketing & Public Relations Consultant



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