The Secret Key to Business Networking Success

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The Secret Key to Business Networking Success

Have you ever attended a conference or industry event where you networked and connected with incredible people? Did your interactions feel like the start to fantastic business relationships?

When you returned to work, did you enter your new contacts into your database with notes on your conversation? Did you plan out how you would reach out and connect regularly?

If you did, you’re doing better than 80% of the people attending those networking events.  

Most people who go to networking events let those business cards collect dust and eventually let the lead go cold. It’s not intentional; they get “too busy” with their current workload. They don’t see the value they are missing. 

If you track Lifetime Customer Value, you can quantify the value each client brings, especially for your best clients. A business can get hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars worth of value from a single client. 

So what???

The fact is, building and maintaining relationships takes work. In all relationships, we give time and effort. That’s what makes them personal. 

Buying and selling services is personal. 

The Follow Up

We’ve all heard the importance of following up in business. “The follow-up is KEY!” people say. But what does that mean exactly?

There are many ways to follow up. You can send an email, call on the phone, connect on social media, reach out when you visit their city, and many other ways. 

Which method of following up is most effective? 

The answer: All of them! You will need at least 7-14 touchpoints with your prospect before they buy something from you.  

It would be best to follow up in various ways. You’ll find that some methods can expedite trust-building but require more work upfront.

Client Relationship Management

When investing your time and energy into developing new relationships, you want to be able to track the return. Client Relationship Management (CRM) systems are becoming increasingly popular for monitoring and reporting client interactions before and after the sale. 

I still see many businesses and entrepreneurs not using a CRM system because they think they’re not “big enough.” Meanwhile, they don’t leverage crucial data to make critical decisions. 

It compares to not tracking expenses and asset depreciation to get the highest tax deduction, leaving money on the table.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using a CRM:

  • Easy tracking and reporting
  • Identify reliable purchasing patterns
  • Automated follow-up and messaging 
  • Better planning of time and resources

The Rainmaker Method

Here at Rainmaker Media Group, we understand how much work goes into developing relationships. We know the feeling of losing potential clients because we didn’t track our interactions and do more to connect regularly. 

That’s why we help our clients set up their CRM systems and strategies for building trust by adding value to each interaction. 

Sale cycles can take months to years. We help our clients follow up and stay on top of their client’s minds with tailored strategies and messaging. 

I want to know what ways you stay connected with people you meet? I’d like to hear tips and tricks that have worked for you. 

Feel free to contact me directly to have a more in-depth discussion on how to nurture business leads. 


Adrian Dotson, Marketing & PR Consultant

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