Indigenous Marketing Firm Announces Free Service for Entrepreneurs Affected by the Pandemic

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Indigenous Marketing Firm Announces Free Service for Entrepreneurs Affected by the Pandemic

PHOENIX, Ariz: In an initiative to serve the Indigenous businesses community, Rainmaker Media Group LLC (RMG) offers free business coaching to help entrepreneurs recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today, Chief Operations Officer Adrian Dotson (Navajo) announced that RMG is now accepting applications from eligible entrepreneurs who need assistance developing simple and effective marketing strategies to increase sales.

“Businesses in tribal communities face unique challenges causing higher levels of economic disparities,” said Dotson. “The pandemic has intensified those disparities and caused further economic harm.”

According to Dotson, his free coaching program focuses on short-term recovery and long-term resiliency. He will coach participants through a proven framework, providing a foundation for future marketing activities.

“When I started in business, I fumbled numerous opportunities,” said Dotson. “My marketing efforts were arbitrary, I wasn’t getting anywhere, and I was frustrated. It wasn’t until I found a simple and effective marketing framework that I started to help my clients attract new prospects and retain existing customers easily.”

RMG’s announcement comes at a critical time of uncertainty surrounding the use of COVID relief funding and the safe reopening of tribal communities.

“The pandemic took a lot from us. At the same time, it opened the door for new approaches and techniques. We should be ready to take advantage of the many opportunities in the post-pandemic era.”

Dotson said one of the main benefits of his coaching is the significant insights into customers’ problems and aspirations. By understanding and articulating their customer’s needs and desires, they ultimately become trusted experts and advisors in their industry.

“Understanding customers enables us to communicate more clearly and effectively,” Dotson explained. “Imagine approaching customers and prospects with greater confidence and clarity. How would that positively impact an individual and their business?”

Dotson feels that his purpose is to add momentum and enthusiasm to the Indigenous businesses community. He outlines three steps his coaching participants will take in their journey. The steps progress as follows:

  1. Fill out an online form and schedule a virtual interview,
  2. Participate in five (5) coaching and consulting sessions, and
  3. Start generating new business with confidence and insight.

“I love working with Native business leaders and entrepreneurs,” Dotson said. “Everyone is passionate and driven by their purpose to make a positive impact in their community. I feel blessed to be a part of that.”

To learn more and apply for the free coaching and consulting program, go to


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