How We Serve Our Clients

We make marketing simple for you.

At Rainmaker Media Group, we share your passion for serving clients. We also share the love of being rewarded with repeat business and referrals. This has developed into to a healthy obsession for discovering the world’s most simple and effective marketing strategies to incorporate into our framework. Although technology is rapidly advancing, our foundational principles can guarantee customers a return-on-investment and a delightful customer experience.

Too often, business leaders are talented experts who fall short of their conversion and revenue goals in marketing and sales.

That’s why our Rainmaker method positions business leaders to generate and convert leads, earning higher revenue with simple and effective marketing.

Imagine… What if you DID consistently hit your revenue goals month after month, year after year? What would that look like year after year?

Here is the Plan

Our plans are simple and effective in generating and converting leads


Schedule a RISK-FREE one-hour consultation to understand the problem and prioritize the marketing needs of your business. There is no obligation to pay anything. We want to earn your trust in our knowledge and capabilities.


If we do agree to do business, we will assess the appropriate investment amount to get started. We can get started with an initial investment of just your time and effort. We guarantee results with our method, so we don’t mind putting in the work upfront.


Enjoy a newfound level of confidence and comfort that comes with consistently earning more money. Enjoy focusing your time on what makes your business uniquely valuable in the market. And enjoy more memorable moments with family and friends.

We have honest discussions with our clients about their marketing strategy

We help you reach realistic goals

Honestly, if you haven’t been consistently setting and surpassing your revenue goals, you’ve likely been leaving money on the table for a less-worthy business. You’ve let this business take your client and treat them as second-class passengers on an overcrowded flight. You never got the chance to impress them because they didn’t know you were the person who could solve their problems and provide a first-class customer experience.

But without the right plan, you won’t attract your ideal clients, and then you’ll be stuck with bad or no clients at all. Either way, you deserve it.

Now, imagine looking down at your phone to check your online banking app and feeling confident that your business is on the right track. Feeling like you were meant to be an entrepreneur and business leader.

Are you ready? If so, we want you to make an investment for your business and schedule a RISK-FREE consultation now.

We make your clients the heroes of their story!