How We Serve Our Clients!

Rainmaker Media Group LLC was founded to serve the needs of businesses and enterprises engaged in economic development activities in Indian Country.

This means that our services are targeted toward a niche that centers around economic and business activity where our clients are working to make the greatest impact.

When it comes to Native American owned marketing firms, only our firm understands the traditional principles of federal contracting while implementing innovative digital marketing strategies.

We are trusted advisors to our clients. This is our methodology and how we work with them.

Don’t Let Uncertainty Stop You! Here’s How The Rainmaker Method Breaks Through Frustration And Inaction:

1. Risk Free Consultation

  • Consultation will determine if your company is a right fit for Rainmaker Media Group.
  • Walk away with valuable information and strategies that can be implemented in your business immediately. Even if we decide we are not a good fit to do business.
  • If we determine that our businesses might be a good fit for each, we will send a written proposal within 1-3 business days.

Are You One Planning Session Away From Your Next Breakthrough?

2. Strategic Planning

  • Identify and understand our clients customers needs, wants and desires that lead to breakthrough moments. Our clients will harness the power of clarity and make dramatic transformation working on the business instead of in the business.
  • Identify the position that our clients ought to have in their niche. We guide our clients so that content is relevant, omnipresent and creates trusting relationships with potential customers. We make it easier for our clients to make sales because people are more inclined to buy from those who are perceived as educators and experts.
  • Identify the niche and audience that our clients can best serve by delivering value to their lives. We discover how they can make things simple for their potential customers. We make the content creation process simple so our clients can educate their audience.

Did You Know That Random Efforts Lead to Random Results?

3. Marketing Funnel

  • Our purpose is to save our client time and money through a marketing funnel that consistently generates leads.
  • We develop an organized process for nurturing relationships with potential customers which can lead to ongoing business relationships.
  • Every business ought to be collecting emails. Email addresses are a businesses most valuable asset.
  • Every business needs a marketing funnel!