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We understand that it’s not easy to put your faith in consultants who promise the world. That’s why marketing is a strategy to get people to know, like, and trust you. People buy from those that they like and trust. So business growth and momentum move at the speed of trust.

This is the reason people say, “content is king,” because of its ability to position ourselves in our client’s minds. Positioning is about being perceived as an expert or as someone who can solve your prospect’s particular problems. This perception as an expert happens when you release valuable content. Content that clients can apply to their lives immediately.

Sometimes we ask ourselves if we give away TOO MUCH value in our content. The answer is always, NO. We want to help our clients even if they aren’t in a position to purchase our consulting services yet.

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Did you know copywriting is the master skill of marketing?

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Educating your customers is the key to building trust...